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Music by Bride
Lyrics by Dale Thompson

(1 Timothy 1:9 Isaiah 1:20 Isaiah 3:11 Isaiah 65:2 Jeremiah 5:23 Exodus 20:13)

No body’s getting in nobodies getting’ out We got a live bomb and were going to blow the house.
AK-47 thanks be to Kalashnikov Bang, bang bang and were going to get off
Ghetto bird be flying heat wave to bail out somebody get the bank cause the berries round about
One last blast then we’ll gauge hardcore Everybody lights out like a Nyquil score
We going to knuckle up cause the Jakes bring war Cause the wrecking crew come knock’n down the door.
Following the cloud for foo foo stuff. It ain’t no secret we be headin’ for a bust
Whose that humming upon my blindside better drop the sack chaser only there for the ride
Somebody getting’ killed from that sewer in her vein. She was a thirst monster now she’s gothic insane.

How can I reveal Jesus in me?
(1 Samuel 12:25 Romans 1:30 Titus 3:3 Proverbs 30:11 Proverbs 28:17 Galatians 5:21)

Can’t take another dusting cause the egg is going to crack. Devil's got dandruff got her nose to the grind.
She’s in the boneyard with the dead presidents. Somebody get a shovel and find out where she went.
If she’s with the funky drummer we need an exorcist. GTA---MPV Alpine bliss.
She says OH Sweet Jesus don’t need no Holy Oil. Been a bumrush dreamer while taking her stroll.
Her author babysat with a B-40 lit. Show and prove no grease couldn’t scrap a lick.
I know the the PJ's the plats and the plays cause I met’m in Sweden right behind the stage.
63 Impala speckled for explosion Dippin’ to the get off house, three wheel motion
Top Fuel buck 50 with a finger on the trigger Hop on the side of the free world grave diggers.

(Romans 5:20 1 Peter 4:18 Revelation 21:8)
Kick Artist jump the knocker nothing but a shife He ain’t no trill he just quacking bout a knife
junkie give me just a minute to make a long story short Widow makers zeroed at the basketball court
No body had been capped no body had been killed And in the end there was no blood spilled
Chillin’ with the clique got the mad hops jaming. Psychin’ out the gangstas with the base line slamin’
Who is that punk with the three point shot? It’s the reverend from the church sultan of swish and swat
He had come correct he was reel to reel He had been redrum in his past life devil-ile
Now he be preachin’ to get men saved The Word stopped the game they begin to pray
Down on their knees at the half court line They accepted Jesus for they ran out of time.
(Ephesians 1:9-10 1 Peter 4:11)