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Metal Might

Music: Troy Thompson
Lyrics: Scott Hall
Arrangement: Bride
Intro: Steve Osborne
Dual Lead and Interlude: Troy and Osborne
Explanation: We get criticized because we sing about God, we get ridiculed when we sing about the devil. Those in authority only have power until we speak up and defend our cause.

Can you see the sorrow in my eyes
You know it’s your behavior that I despise
I search for what is truth
You wonder what’s in it for you
You wonder if you can make it through

Because I sing in all the wrong places
Because I’m seen with all the wrong faces
Its not just the music they fear
But the words I sing strike so near (speak are so clear)

That’s right, That’s metal might

The ones with power they have control
(you know)Their mere words will direct your soul
My words of steel carry through the night
Leaving behind the wake of metal might