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Hell No

Music: Troy Thompson
Lyrics: Scott Hall
Arrangement: Bride
Intro: Steve Osborne
Explanation: Sailors fighting a storm on the high seas. Song deals with staying afloat in everyday life.

Close the hatches and lower the sails
The wind is whipping great balls of hail
Tempest is raging pulling us down
Time to learn to swim or time to drown

Oars have broken your time to kneel
The storm is screaming with vengeance to kill
Faith has plunged into the sea beneath
Waves beat the ship with iron fist to sink

We won’t go to Hell, no we won’t go (2x)

(All aboard)

Fear is the driver we fight for our lives
We’re not afraid of death but we don’t want to die
Prayed outloud and clung to the deck
No glory for sailors when they’ve been ship wrecked