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Whiskey Seed

Music: Troy Thompson
Lyrics: Dale Thompson
Arrangement: Bride
Lead: Steve Osborne
Explanation: Alcoholism is on the rise. This song deals with the reality and spirituality of a bottle of whiskey speaking to its next victim.

So you want to drink because it makes you feel so big
Pour it down I’ll break you like a twig
I am the whiskey you shoot in your veins
I am the bullet you put in your brains
I am the letter you leave on your bed
I am the angel that meets you when your dead

You’re so young but you want to feel so old
The only way to be hot gain the world and lose your soul
I am the gin that makes you sad
I am the anger that makes you feel bad
I am the fever that burns your skin
The addiction injects sin
Go ahead when you want to feel mean
I’ll show you how it’s done I’m the maker of the guillotine
I am the reputation that makes you lose face
I am the fear that presents no case
I am the grave where there’s no return
Open the gates of Hell to the world that burns