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.... If I told you it was the end of the world, would you change your ways? - Bride

......Welcome to the newly remodeled BRIDE Fan Page

Your one stop Bride shop, including a discography, news, photos, show reviews, and more.

Bride started originally in 1983 with the name Matrix. They put out four demos on their own selling them at their concerts. In 1986, Matrix changed their name to Bride and signed a three album contract with Pure Metal Records. The three albums recorded with Pure Metal were 'Show No Mercy', 'Live To Die', and 'Silence Is Madness'. Shortly after fulfilling their contract in 1990, Star Song Communications bought the Pure Metal Record Label. Bride, being one of the few bands that wasn't dropped, was signed to a one album best-of deal. It included 2 new songs 'Everybody Knows my Name' and 'Same Ol' Sinner', both of which are still fan favorites. 'Everybody Knows My Name' was also a Number 1 single on both the CCM and Pure Rock Report charts. After the success of 'End of the Age', Bride signed a three album contract with Star Song. 'Kinetic Faith', 'Snakes In The Playground', and 'Scarecrow Messiah' did so well that Star Song also put out a best-of album. All of the songs on Shotgun Wedding were Number one radio hits, three of the songs were remixed for the album. Bride then recorded 'Drop' with Rugged Records, but due to limited resources it was not highly promoted. In 1997, Bride signed with Organic Records where they recorded two of their best albums with 'The Jesus Experience' and 'Oddities' Bride is now with Absolute Records and is putting the finishing touches on their next album. With Plinky Giglio ('Snakes in the Playground' producer), Bride plans to return to their core sound. It is said that 'Fistfull of Bees' will be "aggressive Bride at their best". The new album is planned to be released in January of 2001. Can't wait!

Thanks for visiting the page. If you're a first time visitor, please be sure to sign the GuestBook or send an e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often. God Bless!